Welcome to Help the Homeless

26 06 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog about helping the issue of homeless in the Tri-Cities area of Metro Vancouver. We are a  group of  students from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia who are trying to make a difference with a social innovation that we are going to come up with. Our group consists of four business majors and one interactive art major. Below is a slide show of where the problem currently stands and how we are planning on tackling the issue. Please feel free to comment on any of our posts and let us know what you think.




2 responses

10 07 2009
Sara Graves

Slide 20 shows some very interesting stats, ones that I am sure the general population is very unaware of. Until recently, I thought (extremely naively, in fact) that the majority of people were homeless because they suffered from an addiciton. I did not understand that the leading reason was due to a lack of sufficient income and level of housing. How did these different percentages affect your strategy for a solution? Does each cause require a different solution?

13 07 2009

Hi Sara,
Thanks for your comment! The fact that the main reasons for homelessness are a lack of housing and low income definitely affected how we designed our solution. Our solution is based on the idea that housing is a human right, and in fact this is something that Scotland has decided to legalize and has passed a bill on, making housing a human right for all. We have decided to base our solution on providing housing for a homeless person whom, if given a house and community support services, can get out of homelessness within 6-12 months. So our solution is heavily based on the idea of providing housing. Also, from the conversations we have had with those who are previously homeless and homeless advocates, it is clear that what is needed in the long run is affordable low income social housing, which for a number of reasons, simply isn’t widely available.

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