A Flowchart to Visualize Our Idea

7 07 2009

By: Jackie Go and Arita Liu

To illustrate our idea, we created a flow chart which shows the entire cycle of our program, from homeless client selection all the way up to the client being self sustainable and able to live on their own.

From the pool of homeless people, we will specify selection criteria so that low needs homeless people are targeted. Focusing on low needs people who are not addicted or hard to house will reduce the number of barriers our client has. Outreach workers and other homeless advocates can help our organization with identifying the appropriate clients.

The main benefit which our organization provides the client with is housing for a period of up to 6 months. Here we have identified 3 possible options for funding the housing unit. For detailed descriptions of each funding option, please see our other posts. Once we are able to fund the housing, we will work to coordinate job placement and support services for the client. The support services include tutoring, mentorship, and cooking meals which will be provided by community volunteers. The combination of support services, job placement and housing are designed to help get the client off the streets. Following this, we can start the cycle again and help the next person, using the same housing unit.

A flowchart to visualize our ideas




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