F.A.Q. 2

9 07 2009

By: John Gill

Who will be staying at my home?

We are focusing on those individuals that, if given a home for 6-12 months are highly likely to get out of homelessness. We are looking for individuals who sincerely want to get out of homelessness. In addition, we have a set of guidelines to qualify potential candidates that will be placed in the rental unit. This will provide assurance to investors and landlords that we are not just picking people off the streets and placing them there. We are helping those that are working and just need a place to stay at night. All stakeholders could rest assure this group of people need help but in the sense of support and encouragement.

Will they damage my suite?

Well having a home as anyone could imagine is a sense of pride for individuals. A sense of security.  A sense of ownership and a sense of belonging. Giving a key to a homeless person is important as to any individual that is getting a home. When you have someone giving you a helping hand, without any conditions or confinements, you tend to appreciate it more. When landlords and investors give the homeless person the trust and freedom, you could be rest assured that they will treat your property with the same respect you have given them. In addition, regular contact with support services will ensure you property is free of damage and treated with care.

Why do they need a home?

An important aspect of a home is that it assists the homeless with acquiring a job. Having a residence provides them with credibility and necessary references required for any job search. Think about the application process, in order for you to get an interview, you need to write an address, on your resume’ or employment form. Having a home removes this huge hurdle from their interview process and application process and gets the homeless back into the workforce. An additional benefit is that a home provides the individual with the necessary self-esteem and self-confidence that is needed. This is all due to your help as you have removed a huge obstacle for them that deterred them previously from trying to search for a job.




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