Progress Reports

9 07 2009

By: John Gill

Metrics and Performance Outcomes

To ensure there are quantifiable metrics in place to assess the progress of renters and the outcome of this model. Progress report will be drafted on a bi-weekly basis for the first three months and then on a monthly basis. This is to ensure the individual is aware the necessary support is there for them and that by collecting this data, it will help us learn and expand this model in the future.

The following are some metrics used to assess the outcome of this model.

General Survey

Length of time homeless:

Length of Employment:

Length of stay at residence:

Renter’s concerns and issues before hand:

Renter’s reflection after:

Landlord’s initial concerns and issues:

Landlord’s reflection after:

Suggestions/ Things to do differently in the future:

Lessons Learned:

Changes to Future Model:


Our bi-weekly reports and Monthly reports will be as follow:

Progress reports



Current Concerns/Problems.

Plan in place to address concern and problems.

Issues to address in next Two Week plan.

Monthly goal’s reviewed/assessed.


Although all this documentation may seem redundant and tedious, it is fairly easy to fill out. The purpose of having a well documented workbook is that it allows for future projects to be assessed and review for lessons learned. Even though it may seem a long and lengthy process now, hindsight is always valuable when implementing new ventures in the future. Reviewing the contents of this workbook will allow us to reflect back and make changes accordingly to future models.

We are aware of the limits of these metrics and by no means are these metrics finite. It provides us with rough guidelines and will be altered as we progress.




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