Some Critical Issues

13 07 2009

By: Arita Liu

There are several critical issues we need to consider in the process of the model.

It is critical to identify each partner’s focus, competencies and capabilities in order to facilitate collaboration in the network. In spite of the shared vision of reducing homelessness, each partner may have their specific value orientation due to religious, economic and social reasons. It is therefore important to evaluate the potential risk of value incompatibility and reduce the risk to the maximum extent.

Effective communication among investors and partners will be a high priority, which happens both before investors make the decision to purchase certain property, and during the time of jointly supporting the homeless individuals. A trust mechanism needs to be developed among investors to ensure the sustainability of the solution.

As we have a relatively complex funding environment which is populated with many potential funding opportunities, we need to find a way to manage and mobilize the funding effectively. Should we have a community foundation, or can we channel the funding to an existing NGO or a church, or are there any other options that serve our vision? We need to further explore into potential partners before we make the decision.

Incentives to benefit the investors or landlords need to be identified through various channels of municipal, financial and private sectors. More research into public policies and further discussion with experts and the investors or landlords themselves are needed to measure if the incentives will invite long-term investment.

Selecting clients is a complicated issue that we need to proceed carefully. We have worked out the criteria to select our clients, however, we will need to talk to outreach workers and homeless experts to further verify the applicability of the criteria. The selection criteria must be based on fairness and should not involve any degree of ambiguity or inadequacy; in other words, there must be well-grounded reasons for selecting certain clients. Again, this needs to be ensured by confirming with the experts.




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