Meeting with Homless Advocates

13 07 2009

By: Ryan

This was a meeting attempting to teach people how best to help the homeless population. Mayor Gregor Robertson started the meeting off with an opening speech claiming that he wants to end homelessness by 2015 in Vancouver. He admitted this was a very ambitious goal but it was one that he wants to strive for.

Sue Noga then took the podium and discussed homeless action week which is taking place on October 11 – 17 in which affordable housing is the main theme this year. The discussions then revolved around how to set up your own event to raise awareness and help the homeless.

Many people are currently finding ways to better provide ID to the homeless as this can be a major barrier that they have to overcome. Some people were also organizing events that provided a repair service for bikes and wheelchairs.

If you want to organize an event to help the homeless the number one tip they had was to never give up! Another thing to remember is that people who are already well involved with the homeless are always willing to help so make sure you contact people who are already experienced in the field.

Gregor Robertson




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