About This Blog

By: Hannah Kim

“Transit costs, food costs, every cost has gone up, but not welfare rates … People are struggling to meet basic needs of everything here — everything.” (Garvin Snider, Vancouver downtown east side, quoted in CTV.ca, 2006)

Metro Vancouver is about to be thrust into the global spotlight in just a few months with the 2010 Winter Olympics, and we are struggling to provide 3,000 people (Social Planning & Research Council of BC, 2008, “Metro Vancouver 2008 Homeless Count“, p. 1) with one of the most basic human needs: a home.

Over the next few weeks, this blog will discuss how a group of Simon Fraser University students can help to alleviate the homelessness issue in Metro Vancouver. More specifically, we will be focusing on the Tri-Cities (made up of Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam).

Our motivation to bring about positive change to the homelessness issue on a hard deadline with concrete objectives comes from our love for the Metro Vancouver region and our belief that having a home is a human right. We also hope to inspire such motivation in fellow members of the community—government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector—by perhaps beginning with how we are already being perceived by some outside observers:

“It’s glaringly apparent in Vancouver that for quite some time… successive governments have failed to create the housing that is necessary. You have a legacy of misguided government policy that has led to this massive crisis in housing and homelessness.” (Miloon Kothari, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Housing)

To reiterate from the slide show seen in our first post, here is the legacy we DO want to leave behind regarding the homelessness issue.

  • As SFU students: Show relentless pursuit of innovative and sustainable solutions to the homelessness issue in the Tri-Cities
  • As residents of Metro Vancouver: Leave behind the most beautiful city in the world inside AND out
  • As global citizens: Cultivate a society that learns from each other by diffusing our social innovation

We welcome your comments and questions about each and every post on this blog discussing the homelessness issue in Metro Vancouver as well as proposing solutions!


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