Community Feedback

We would like to thank everyone we have had the chance to speak to regarding the Homeless Sponsorship Model. We truly appreciate their suggestions and questions that have been used to improve this model. Here is a small sample of testimonials and support we have received for this project.

ADAM CHAHL, INVESTMENT REALTOR, SUTTON GROUP: “I would be interested in participating in such a giving circle model as a potential investor, with a $5,000 – $10,000 contribution from each investor towards the down payment, provided that qualifications (e.g. credit rating) of fellow investors in the giving circle are reviewed beforehand.”

KAREN ROCKWELL, COUNCILLOR, CITY OF PORT MOODY: “Your idea has great merit! As you are probably aware, most municipalities provide permissive tax exemptions for certain properties and I would be very supportive of inclusion of this type of [supported] housing into that [tax exemption program] for Port Moody.”

PETER KOBAYASHI, PORT COQUITLAM BRANCH MANAGER, G&F FINANCIAL: “The premise of this idea is a good one—pooling resources to put a roof over people’s heads.”

ERIN IRELAND, REACH PROGRAM COORDINATOR, BUXTON CONSULTING: “This idea is needed in the Port Coquitlam community, and we need all types of supported housing. This model would be superior for chronically difficult-to-house homeless clients, as long as specific criteria are met for housing qualifications. Also, the more involved, responsible and accountable you can make the homeless clients, the more successful this model will be.”

GENE VICKERS, PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER & MEMBER OF ROTARY CLUBS IN PORT MOODY AND PORT COQUITLAM CENTENNIAL: “I am encouraged to witness caring people, who are focused on solving long-term needs of our homeless community. With busy lives, often it is easy to say… it’s not our problem. For those developing a plan to solve our homeless challenge… without question… you are making a positive and profound difference in the lives of others… thank you!”

LINDA REIMER, COUNCILLOR, CITY OF COQUITLAM: “This idea can be a fit to become part of the housing first strategy. … Your ideas are great, but just don’t forget provincial and federal government since housing is their jurisdiction.”

DAVID WOOD, EXECUTIVE PASTOR, COQUITLAM ALLIANCE CHURCH:I really think that your proposal has a lot of merit and I would love to see our church get on board with this.”


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